Custom Cuff
Custom Cuff

Custom Cuff

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Width: 1 3/8"

Description: distressed brown leather

How to Order:

Follow the customization instructions to make your cuff your own!  Font used and placement will be designer's choice. However, if you are ordering a men's cuff please let me know so I can keep that in mind when designing the plate.

Snaps come in antique brass, antique nickel, or antique copper, and will be chosen based on the metal plate selected.


To help ensure the best fit possible, our cuffs come in two ADJUSTABLE sizes.  Click here to read more about our sizing process.  The extra small/small size will fit most wrists. (Please Note: If you are requesting a custom size outside the standard sizing, please leave those details in the notes section at checkout)

Care Instructions and note about repurposed leather cuffs:

It is not recommended that you get your leather cuff wet.  Results are unpredictable when your cuff is exposed to moisture. Expect your cuff to be UNIQUE. There will likely be marks and scratches on the leather indicating it’s wear. I will make every effort to take a picture that accurately represents the actual look and color of the leather but the picture may vary slightly.