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LEATHER CUFFS  are made in 2 adjustable sizes:

XS/S - Snaps at ABOUT 7” and 7 1/4” from snap to snap 

M/L - Snaps at ABOUT 7 5/8” and 8 1/8” from snap to snap


A comfortable fit is one inch larger that your ACTUAL wrist measurement so to determine which pre-designed size would fit you best, add ONE INCH to your actual wrist measurement and choose the size that is closest to that measurement.  For example: My wrist measures about 6 1/4 inches (see picture below) therefore I wear a size XS/S.  

NOTE: Size XS/S fits MOST wrists.  



Use a measuring tape (or piece of string) and pull the tape so it fits TIGHT around your wrist.  See the picture below.  (If you used a string, cut the string where it meets the other end and measure it with a ruler.)