Suicide Awareness Collection

Here you will find a collection of products designed with suicide awareness in mind. Whether with symbols or with words of hope, I pray this is where you can find gifts to offer someone you love some encouragement.

My story:

In 2014, my brother John died by suicide. I had no experience with mental health or suicide before his sudden passing. Since his death I have tried to honor his memory by sharing our story, by being there to listen to yours, reminding you you're not alone, and by bringing awareness to mental health and suicide where I can. 

This collection is a way I can do just that.

I hope to continue to add pieces to this collection as time goes on, but for now, I pray these products remind you of someone you love or someone who just might need a little love an encouragement from you today.

You can read more about my story/our story via my blogs and other writings on suicide, mental health, and grief here.

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