Heirloom Collection

Calling all my fancy gals!  Want a statement piece for a special event or hey, just walking your kids to school? It's always a good time to dress up, right?  Here you'll find leather cuffs and jewelry designed by me, using vintage jewelry pieces.  I hand stitch every brooch and embellishment on the leather cuffs for a secure design.  The pieces in this collection are completely original and can not be recreated.  Since all of my jewelry pieces are collected from antique stores, I never know what I'm gonna get, that's the beauty in it all.  
Have a brooch or piece of jewelry from your grandmother that you want to give new life to? I can design a custom cuff with your family jewelry.  Please contact me via the contact page here and I will work with you to create a memory cuff that will honor your loved one and make a statement on your wrist. 
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